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Celestite Crystal Cluster CG181

Celestite Crystal Cluster CG181


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Celestine is the authorised name for the crystal celestite, this crystal has been known for its association and connecting & communicating with guardian angels.
Celestite can help to stop worrying our lives away, holding before sleep allow you mind to resolve worries.
Celestite often contains cave like crevices and it is said that looking in to them can form routes to past lives. (A good meditation tool)
On an emotional level helps with travel fear, acute anxiety states like agoraphobia, having to speak publicly and all for people that blush excessively.
On a physical level know to help with thyroid problems, ear nose and throat infections, headache, and digestive disorders made worse by stress & anxiety. Also said to protect from intestinal parasites, infections and fevers.
Mysticwish Tip- Keep it with you if you fear a situation of intimidation.
Throat Chaka- Zodiac sign Libra

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