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Crystal Healing & Crystal Jewellery For mystical magical spiritual and wellbeing, We offer quality Crystals healing gifts and hampers with a full range of unique mystical &spiritual crystal products, & check out  Pamper spa gifts for all occasions for a further choice also all items come with fast delivery and of cause wrapped with love ,i hope you enjoy the site as much as we have, creating it  Read more...

Spiritual information

Many individuals lead busy lives and sometimes need a way in which to escape from the stresses and anxieties that can form. Some choose to watch television and others choose to play games but there is a wide number of people that want to dig deeper and understand their own personality through the use of spiritual techniques with Crystals . There are many ways in which to do this and more and more individuals are choosing a better way of life, so as to live the way in which they choose to and in a way that is fulfilling. In this article we will take a look at some of the things to consider if you wish to choose a spiritual way of life.

Healing Crystals by Mystic Wish

Our crystal healing guide will teach you how to use crystals to solve common illnesses and to improve your daily life. Only crystal healing can allow you to harness the natural energies of the world to make yourself healthier of mind and body – this guide will show you how.

For this first part of this crystal healing guide, the 7 major energies (known as chakras) of the body will be shown. They are, in order, red for stability, orange for creativity and desire, yellow for ambition and intelligence, pink for compassion and love, blue for communication, indigo for spiritual awareness and violet for divine consciousness.

Crystal Jewellery

Crystal Jewellery is an interesting thing that is known to enhance the self-awareness of an individual. There are many different crystals and stones that can be worn in different ways and these can represent different things. Wearing these can enhance the individual’s spiritual awareness and can make them feel more in touch with their inner energy.

Incense has been used for many years and is perfect as an additional form to that of meditation. There are many different fragrances and incense sticks that can be found and these can be used to create different atmospheres for those that want to get in touch with their deeper side. Whether you want the traditional incense stick that can be used quickly and effectively, or if you want a sage spirit smudge stick, then the choice is yours.

The Energy Healing Power Of Orgone Pyramids

Orgone Pyramids In the early 1900s, Dr Willheim Reich researched a subtle form of potency, which he christened orgone. In his findings, he discovered that by agglomerating and catalysing different proportions of metals, quartz crystals and an organic resin, he could develop a dominant force. A force too vigorous that it could attract and refine etheric energy. He further noted that the dynamism is omnipresent, meaning that it can be found in every aspect of nature. Today, in addition to its original name, it is also known as Chi, the Fifth Element or Prana.

Composition of Orgonite
As mentioned above, orgone is composed of various elements. The organic resins are often based on petrochemicals, while the metals are primarily fillings. These make up a significant portion of the mix. However, if the addition of a quartz crystal were to be excluded, the mixture would be incomplete. This is because when pressure is applied to the resin during the curing process, it typically shrinks, hence the need for the quartz. Also, quartz possesses piezoelectric tendencies, enabling it to generate charges when pressure is intensified.

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