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Alternative Methods Of Healing With Crystals

Crystals and Healing
How do crystals work?
Ok, i will keep this a simple as possible, The materials are made up of
a variety of different types of molecules, they come together and create
a single entity.

Many Crystals especially quartz contain a type of energy called piezoelectricity
which is due to floating positively charged sub-atomic particles trapped in the
inner structure of the lattice.
Piezoelectricity is released when the crystal is mechanically squeezed or
subjected to an electri field-the crystal itself remains unaltered, piezo
electricity is a result ofthe crystals very simple basic structure, which can
also be the key to how these crystals help us.

Sometimes only a very little bit of mechanical intervention can release this
energy, Try rubbing a bit of amber and observe the static electric you have
made. This property is used in engineering, for example, quartz watches and
radio transmitters. The piezoelectric charge generated using quartz is so
precise that it is used to keep greenwich mean time.

However, most crystals, by contrast are simply one atom or molecule repeated
ad infinitum, this means that on an electro magnetic level, each crystal gives off
a single consistant type of enery, compare this with yourself- sometimes your
slow, sometimes your fast, sometimes your awake and sometimes asleep. your
body mind and spirit work ina different cycles and rhythms, sometimes not
always that consistancy either, so a crystal may work as a kind of sub-atomic
metrome, giving your body a dependable, steady rhythm to lock in to.

Traditional Colour Meanings
Red Crystals:-
Such as Red jasper, Carnelian, Bloodstone increase your power, physical energy,
passion & courage

Pink Crystals:
Such as Rose Quartz, Danburite and Pink Tourmaline foster kindness, love
and compassion for yourself and others.

Orange Crystals:-
Such as carnelian, fire opal and orange calcite enhance self-confidence and

Yellow Crystals:-
Such as citrine, Amber and sunstone aid self expression and encourage
positive attitudes & Optimism.

Green Crystals:-
Such as green fluorite and green aventurine can soothe the emotions & promote
balance and harmony

Blue Crystals:-
Such as Blue Lace Agate, Lapis and Turquoise calm the mind, and cool and soothe
the body physically.

Purple Crystals:-
Such as amethyst, lepidolite and angelite help to develop intuition and spiritual

Black Crystals:-
Like obsidian, smokey quartz & labradorite, help to get rid of negative energy and
stress, as well as been powerful protectors.

Clear / White Crystals:-
moonstone, clear quartz & apophyllite, peace, tranquility and new beginnings.

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