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Attracting Success and Prosperity With Rose Quartz, Aventurine & Citrine.

combination of crystals for prosperity citrine rose quartz and aventirine

Attracting Success and prosperity with Rose Quartz, Aventurine and Citrine

This beautiful combination of citrine, rose quartz and aventurine can attract the success and money you want in to your life. Aventurine is a great all round good luck stone and in ancient magical rites was used to heighten intelligence and perception (after all you will need your wits about you as you wheel and deal your way to good fortune). As well as its wealth creating properties, citrine fights the fear that holds you back, so you can create the prosperous future that you want. Rose quartz creates and loving atmosphere receptive to success, balancing yin & yang energies.

Crystal Energizing

In feng shui the southeast represents your corner of prosperity and wealth. To boost energy in this area of your living room, place the rose quartz, citrine and aventurine crystals in the southeast on a table or shelf. The combined qualities of these crystal raise the vibrations in this area to attract the success and prosperity you desire.

Crystal wishing spell

Write down your wish on a piece of paper. Hold it for a moment, meditating on your desire. Fold and place under the crystals so that positive energies go on to your wish and help to make it come true.

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