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PETS – Crystal Healing For All Animals

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Crystals are More Commonly Used on Animals these Days.

A healthy animal can benefit by drinking water that has had jade soaking in it. Remove the crystal before giving to your pet we don’t want them to eat it…

Amethyst water is said to deter fleas and other parasites.

Moss agate or brown agate placed underneath a pet bed will calm and sooth a hyperactive or nervous pet, especially pets that may of come from a rescue centre.

Infuse the pet with healing Earth energy

Earth stones like gold or brown rutile tend Quartz, brown banded agate or jasper will gently infuse the pet with healing Earth energy.

Chronically ill or very old animals

These crystals can be useful for chronically ill or very old animals or those pets that are recovering from an operation or intensive treatment.

Cats eye

Cats eye is good for all cat healing and Dalmatian jasper is excellent for dogs. Blue tigers eye benefits birds, while aquamarine or blue coral is good for fish.

Leopard skin jasper or Tigers eye

Are the best crystals for exotic animals, and also good for wild animals, especially those with the treat of extinction.
Turquoise has been used for hundreds of years for animal protection, against been stolen, straying off or even from accidents.

It can Be Used for Horses

by attaching to the bridal or mane, the collar of a dog or cat, the mirror of a birdcage the back of the cage of smaller animals.

Selenite Fertility & Spiritual Connection / Intuition

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This crystal comes in a white , transparent or translucent shade often with a pearly lustre, but there is orange blue and brown varieties, which grow naturally in the shape of sheets or wands. The name selenite comes from the greek deity selene, who was the goddess of the moon.

selenite heart tealight holder

selenite heart tealight holder

Selenite is believed to improve skin tone and you can buy this crystal in the shape of a bar of soap, known as a palm stone, use it to massage your face in a gentle upward motion, just never wash selenite because it may disintegrate in water. https://www.mysticwish.co.uk/product/selenite-palm-stone-spiritual-development/

selenite heart crystal

selenite heart crystal

The connection selenite has with the female energy of the moon makes it a go to crystal to wear for fertility and easing side effects of pregnancy.
Selenite is often used by spiritual practitioners to strengthen there intuition. https://www.mysticwish.co.uk/product/selenite-crystal-psychic-clarity-angels-memory/

Aquamarine Stone Meaning and there Full Healing Methods

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Aquamarine Connotations Aquamarine Stone Meaning

Aquamarine evokes the clarity of crystalline waters and the overall serenity of the sea. It is relaxant, a soother and a cleanser; it inspires honesty, trust and not letting go. In ancient times, aquamarine was believed to be the property of mermaids and was used by seafarers as symbols and as talismans of good luck.

Aquamarine was believed to possess protective qualities and instill fearlessness in those who wore it. It was also considered to be a stone relating to eternal youth and joyousness. In the modern world, it is believed that aquamarine guides those who travel by, over or close to bodies of water. Aquamarine reconnects the channel of meaningful communication and spirituality in a person.

Its name is derived from the Latin aqua marinus, literally translated as ‘water of the sea,’ referring directly to its glimmering ocean-esque colour. Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family and is a transparent, pale blue crystal. Sometimes aquamarine has a bluish-green appearance because of iron-oxide build up within the stone itself.

crystal of rough amaznite

lovely rough amazonite crystal

Ancient seers believed that the stone was under the divine influence of the moon, a celestial body exerting magnificent magnetic fields. Present day believers in the stone believe that the gem is used to foresee forthcoming and future events; this is all while the moon is increasing in size. The magnetism of the moon will increase the iron oxide content in the stone and therefore amplify its forecasting characteristics.

Other Aquamarine Stone Meanings

Aquamarine is connected with all things related to the seas and oceans, as well as being linked to heaven reflecting on the surface of a body of water. The stone becomes a symbolic mirror, reflecting itself indefinitely; thus making it possible to unearth different/hidden meanings in reality. It is a stone of symmetries and is used in mediation and revelation; it is a stone of healers, prophets and of mystics. Ultimately it allows us to explore the deepest and darkest parts of ourselves in an engaging way; creating a face-to-face meeting with ourselves and our souls.

Aquamarine stone meanings encompass all that is water because of how the precious gem is formed.

Blue Topaz Meaning and its full Healing Powers

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The Many Meanings of Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world and has captivated us for centuries. It is most commonly known as the birthstone that represents the month of December.

As well as being simply beautiful to look at and for decorative purposes, the blue topaz also has many uses for an individual, on a spiritual and physical level. However there is much mystery surrounding blue topaz meanings, with many wondering what it symbolises in relation to healing and mental health. One belief is that the word topaz is derived from the word ‘tapas’ meaning heat or fire, as represented with its vibrant colour. However blue topaz, although a powerful crystal, is present in three shades of blue that represent calm, seas and the sky. It radiates tranquility.

One popular blue topaz meaning is that of its healing properies. This gemstone can channel our energies and help us to fight negative energies. It also helps to surround the individual with positive energy and to create a feeling of inner peace.

turquoise healing crystal

turquoise healing crystal

More importantly, another blue topaz meaning is that of it being able to aid with communication and helping to maintain concentration. As the stone can channel negative thoughts away from the individual, this can help with focusing and concentration when doing a specific task. Within Hindi culture, the blue topaz gem is used by spiritualists to meditate and to focus their attention. Many individuals also wear this stunning gemstone in the belief that it will aid them with public speaking and conveying those ideas and beliefs that are important to them.

What blue topaz is also renowned for is helping to enhance the wearer’s eyesight. This is also done on a much deeper level, with the individual being able to see what is really ‘true’.

Finally many believe that blue topaz has protective powers and that the individual wearing the gemstone will be safe from ill thoughts and negativity.

Bloodstone Meaning and there Fully detailed Healing Methods

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Bloodstone Meaning and their healing powers revealed

The Bloodstone is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful of gems, with regards to its looks, it’s talisman qualities and healing energy. Also known as the Sun Stone or Christ’s Stone, the Bloodstone has a wide range of unique qualities. When you wear or carry the Bloodstone it aids in protecting you against verbal and physical aggression such as bullying, it will also provide the strength and courage to push through the anguish and become a stronger person.

As a stimulant, the Bloodstone is one of the best, this gem will stimulate the immune system to ward of such illnesses as the flu and a cold, while re-energising the body after it as been worn down from illness.


Bloodstone a Beautiful Gems

The Bloodstone meaning in Greek mythology is “heliotrope”, when translated means Sun Turning, derived from the ancients placing the bloodstone so the rays of the Sun caught the gem and the reflection on the Sun would appear to be blood red. The Bloodstone is generally a dark Green colour with specs of red, which have a likeness to drops of blood.

Because of the healing properties of this gem the ancients ground up the Bloodstone and mixed it with there foods so the healing powers could start from within, helping to heal tumors and bleeding wounds. In short, the Bloodstone is am amazing find in the spiritual healing world, it’s stooped in ancient history and has been used for centuries for many things including physical healing, emotional healing, chakra healing, feng shui, balancing your spiritual energy, it’s uses with meditation are second to none aiding with the harmonious and calming energy needed for meditation.

Best worn as an amulet or talisman, The Bloodstone’s natural steady calming energy will align itself with the unstable energy of the human mind. Bloodstone Meaning – Healing and Spiritual energy, Positivity and Calming properties.

Clear Quartz Healing Properties the Meaning of Clear Quartz

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The Healing Properties of Clear Quartz

Although clear quartz may be among one of the most common minerals in existence, its range of healing properties distinguishes it as a powerful crystal with the ability to channel and amplify energy.

Often described as the ‘master healer’ of the crystals, it not only absorbs energy but it also balances and revitalises both your physical and mental well being.

It is believed to be effective in tackling a number of medical conditions including arthritis, diabetes, migraines, digestive problems and chronic fatigue. The stone is also reputed to help restore mental clarity and is particularly useful for those suffering from depression.

Modern day healers also believe that the mineral is capable of soothing painful areas on the body and that it can actually draw away pain.

clear snow quartz tealight holder

clear snow quartz tealight holder

As well as proving effective in assisting with physical conditions, the stone also possesses emotional healing qualities and is used as a cleanser by stimulating positive thinking whilst combatting negative energies.

It is also renown for enhancing psychic abilities and has long been used in the manufacture of crystal balls.

Clear quartz is considered to be a programmable mineral and that by instilling it with positive affirmations, the crystals can be used for any intention, thought or emotion.

It is recommended to wear or carry the crystal on your person so that it can provide an immediate lift when needed.

Many cultures throughout history have prized the mineral for its healing and meditative properties. There are many different varieties of quartz and it comes in a wide spectrum of colours including Rose, Blue and Amethyst Quartz.

Although clear quartz may look on the surface to be quite ordinary, its powers are extraordinary and they are clearly an important metaphysical tool in ensuring personal well being and the ability to connect to your higher self.

Healing Crystals for Depression Full Step by Step Exposed

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Top 3 Healing Crystals for Depression


Most people are affected by depression at one point in their lives. Whether brief or chronic, depression can be one of the toughest challenges in life. Healing crystals for depression are used to support you emotionally as you deal with depression. They act as tools for shifting the negativity and sadness within you to positive and healthier emotions.

Crystals  Healing for Depression 3 stones to look for 🙂

Healing crystals for depression

Healing crystals for depression.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is ideal when you are feeling overworked and fatigued by depression. It is among the best healing crystals for depression to hold and ground your energy. It channels negative energy down the chakras and into the ground leaving you with healthy and positive energy. It eliminates fear, lifts mood and makes tolerance and acceptance easier.


Lepidolite is a stunning purple stone that absorbs obsessive thoughts and opens the crown chakras, third eye, throat and heart. It contains lithium that soothes mood swings and negative emotions caused by bipolar disorders. It assists you in making good decisions confidently and intelligently. You stand by your opinion and speak the truth. Emotionally, it is a calming crystal that balances excessive energy and aids sleep.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a traditional golden brown healing crystal for depression that was used to fight off curses, ill-wishes and spells. It focuses on vibrational healing through combining the earth’s energy with the sun’s vibration to create the perfect healing level. It grounds your energy and lifts the body’s vibrations to trigger positive thinking. Tiger’s Eye protects your aura from absorbing negative energy around you. Therefore, you should wear it when you are around negative people or in a confrontational situation. Moreover, the crystal’s golden light boosts your feeling of self-love and worth which are the greatest missiles for fighting depression.

Bottom Line

Using healing crystals for depression is very easy. You can place them on your body, hold or wear them during meditation. You can also place your favourite healing crystal under the pillow. You wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and calm.

Sodalite Meaning for Full Details find out the Meaning of Sodalite Today

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Meaning of Sodalite Crystals and Healing Methods

Many scholars have come up with many Sodalite meanings.The name sodalite came from the Greek words soda and Lithos which means stone salt because it has salt. It is nicknamed prince blue due to the fact it was discovered in 1891 during a royal visit.

Some of Sodalite meaning is; it is defined as a stone of logic, efficiency and rationality. It is a way of stimulating thought and is useful in when working in groups. In relationships, work place, families the sodalite stone helps in breaking the communication barriers. because its a stone of truth hence bringing it in communications. It helps in solving issues, ending arguments and disagreements. It mostly useful for love and honesty in feelings.

sodalite healing headache migraine

Sodalite healing headache migraine

It increases the knowledge, intelligence, learning proficiency, consciousness, wisdom communication,and sometimes it may be able to connect the spirit with logic.
Sodalite also helps in clearing all the mental confuses and creates inner peace. It helps in strengthening the mind over the body and also helps in creating a gap between feelings and thoughts. It best suited for communities and organizations that share common goals and purposes and also the ones providing fellowship and solidarity. Sodalite is the perfect aid during weight loss because it helps in digestion systems and also regulates the metabolism rates.

The other Sodalite meaning is that it is considered as a calming stone and a stone of the heart. Combined with its focal point which is on the head it can connect the rationale and spiritual which makes suitable when solving problems. It is considered as the stone of the poet and also other creative people.

Due to the combination of the heart and the mind

it makes it possible for people to see their visions as reality. Also it calming effects is able to create order in problems that often surround creative minds. It also brings inner peace, keeping it in the house brings peace and the energy flows around you.

Increasing Luck and Good Fortune With Jade.

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Jade is a crystal / stone of prosperity and luck that will draw money and good things in to your life, a perfect place to put this crystal is in your letterbox, two kinds of this beneficial stone are creamy nephrite jade this is the older type and the leafy green Jade which is carved in to many treasured pieces in china from as early as 2950bce, the newer translucent vivid green jade originated in Burma in the 13th century. As jadeite took over from nephrite in china it was it was worshiped for its life-extending and erotic properties. Jade brings tranquility and wisdom, promoting well being and friendships that welcomes people to your home, it is also a protector so will deter burglars and unsavory visitors from your home.

Crystal Energizing

To bring abundance & good fortune to your home, take hold of your Jade crystal and tune in to its lucky vibrations. Using reusable adhesive putty, stick the crystal to your letterbox inside the front door or if you have an outside mailbox, place it inside. Let this joyous stone protect you, and ask it to attract success and many opportunities.

Attracting Success and Prosperity With Rose Quartz, Aventurine & Citrine.

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Attracting Success and prosperity with Rose Quartz, Aventurine and Citrine

This beautiful combination of citrine, rose quartz and aventurine can attract the success and money you want in to your life. Aventurine is a great all round good luck stone and in ancient magical rites was used to heighten intelligence and perception (after all you will need your wits about you as you wheel and deal your way to good fortune). As well as its wealth creating properties, citrine fights the fear that holds you back, so you can create the prosperous future that you want. Rose quartz creates and loving atmosphere receptive to success, balancing yin & yang energies.

Crystal Energizing

In feng shui the southeast represents your corner of prosperity and wealth. To boost energy in this area of your living room, place the rose quartz, citrine and aventurine crystals in the southeast on a table or shelf. The combined qualities of these crystal raise the vibrations in this area to attract the success and prosperity you desire.

Crystal wishing spell

Write down your wish on a piece of paper. Hold it for a moment, meditating on your desire. Fold and place under the crystals so that positive energies go on to your wish and help to make it come true.

Promoting Happy Relationships with Amethyst and Citrine

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In Fen shui, the different combinations of crystals can strengthen energetic forces in your aspirational areas. Amethyst and Citrine together lifts the harmonics of your relationship/marriage place in the southwest of your living room, raising the love vibes here and increasing your chances of meeting a new partner or strengthening and existing liaison.

Amethyst is a supreme healing crystal that helps you to get in touch with your feelings. True and pure love comes out of this stone, making lovers want to exchange the crystal in the shape of a heart to show how committed they are.

Citrine has a special affinity with amethyst, as it is formed by heat treating the amethyst to achieve the yellow citrine colour and vibration. A stone of prosperity, citrine fills you with joy and makes you feel good about yourself. Meditating with citrine increases your spiritual connection, giving you more mental clarity about how to progress with your relationship or find that desired partner.

Crystal Energizing – Display peices of these crystals together on a table on a table in the southwest of your living room and see how they raise the energetic s, improving your relationship luck. Keep them away from the sun because they may fade, particularly dark amethyst. Putting them with red candles, happy partnership pictures or photographs and a paired statue says to the world that you want a current or desired relationship to work.

Alternative Methods Of Healing With Crystals

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Crystals and Healing
How do crystals work?
Ok, i will keep this a simple as possible, The materials are made up of
a variety of different types of molecules, they come together and create
a single entity.

Many Crystals especially quartz contain a type of energy called piezoelectricity
which is due to floating positively charged sub-atomic particles trapped in the
inner structure of the lattice.
Piezoelectricity is released when the crystal is mechanically squeezed or
subjected to an electri field-the crystal itself remains unaltered, piezo
electricity is a result ofthe crystals very simple basic structure, which can
also be the key to how these crystals help us.

Sometimes only a very little bit of mechanical intervention can release this
energy, Try rubbing a bit of amber and observe the static electric you have
made. This property is used in engineering, for example, quartz watches and
radio transmitters. The piezoelectric charge generated using quartz is so
precise that it is used to keep greenwich mean time.

However, most crystals, by contrast are simply one atom or molecule repeated
ad infinitum, this means that on an electro magnetic level, each crystal gives off
a single consistant type of enery, compare this with yourself- sometimes your
slow, sometimes your fast, sometimes your awake and sometimes asleep. your
body mind and spirit work ina different cycles and rhythms, sometimes not
always that consistancy either, so a crystal may work as a kind of sub-atomic
metrome, giving your body a dependable, steady rhythm to lock in to.

Traditional Colour Meanings
Red Crystals:-
Such as Red jasper, Carnelian, Bloodstone increase your power, physical energy,
passion & courage

Pink Crystals:
Such as Rose Quartz, Danburite and Pink Tourmaline foster kindness, love
and compassion for yourself and others.

Orange Crystals:-
Such as carnelian, fire opal and orange calcite enhance self-confidence and

Yellow Crystals:-
Such as citrine, Amber and sunstone aid self expression and encourage
positive attitudes & Optimism.

Green Crystals:-
Such as green fluorite and green aventurine can soothe the emotions & promote
balance and harmony

Blue Crystals:-
Such as Blue Lace Agate, Lapis and Turquoise calm the mind, and cool and soothe
the body physically.

Purple Crystals:-
Such as amethyst, lepidolite and angelite help to develop intuition and spiritual

Black Crystals:-
Like obsidian, smokey quartz & labradorite, help to get rid of negative energy and
stress, as well as been powerful protectors.

Clear / White Crystals:-
moonstone, clear quartz & apophyllite, peace, tranquility and new beginnings.