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Crystal Infused Water Bottles Top Step By Step Guide

How To Infuse Water with Crystals

Crystal Infused Water Bottles The Full Low down

The latest trend in health and wellbeing has arrived – Crystal Infused Water Bottles! Fans claim that these water bottles will not only give you all the benefits of being well hydrated such as glowing skin, mental alertness and weight management but will also supercharge your water with crystal vibrations, enhancing your health and wellbeing.

Joy - crystal infused water bottle

So, what exactly are Crystal Infused Water Bottles, are they just a short term trend or are they a real innovation in the world of health and wellness?

What are Crystals?

Crystals are minerals formed underground over millions of years, the type of crystal that forms can depend on the location and conditions in which it grows. Many believe that because of its structure a crystal has the power to hold and channel energies.

Why does this matter

In recent years healing with crystals has seen a resurgence in popularity. Celebrity crystal fans include Victoria Beckham, who has said that she carries Black Tourmaline with her to help her stay positive, and Adele, who admitted to The Sun newspaper that she turned to crystals to combat stage fright, holding them in her hand throughout a concert.

In alternative medicine, practitioners believe that different stones have different properties and energy frequencies and that these energies can be used to treat a variety of ailments, for example, Amethyst is thought to soothe stress and help with sleep and improving intuition while Rose Quartz is believed to help relieve negativity.

What is Crystal Healing?

Although most commonly associated with the modern ‘New Age’ spiritual movement, crystal healing is an alternative medical technique which has been used by many cultures throughout the centuries from Hopi Native Americans to Ancient Egyptians. It is based on the belief that we are all made up of energy and that if energy becomes out of balance or blocked it can cause you to become unwell. Practitioners believe that the use of a crystal can help unblock or balance energy.

Crystal Healing can be carried out by a professional therapist or gemstones can easily be purchased to be used in the comfort of your own home. In a Crystal healing session, a therapist will place the stones on or around the body of their client, choosing which gems to use based on the ailments reported by the client.

To harness the power of a crystal, many people will choose to carry or wear a piece of jewellery containing whichever stone they believe will help to support them in their goals, for example, they may decide to wear Citrine for success or Aventurine for improving mental powers and bringing good fortune. Large pieces of semi-precious stone have also become a fashionable home accessory, being placed around the house and workplace not just for their beauty but also in the belief that they impart ‘good vibes’ and improve the atmosphere of the room.

Love - infuse water bottles with crystals

Putting Crystals in Drinking Water

One of the oldest methods of crystal healing is to make a crystal elixir by infusing water with gemstones. In the past, creating these crystal elixirs has involved the process of submerging gems directly into the water. This method does, however, cause some concerns, for example, some stones can release toxic substances and others may have been treated with resins or other treatments before being sold. If water is infused in this way, the manufacturer will have taken care to ensure that the gemstones used are non-toxic..

The new trend for crystal-infused water bottles takes away these concerns and makes creating your own crystal elixirs not only easy and safe but also available to enjoy on the go, wherever you may be.

Why use Water Bottles infused with Crystals ?

The latest crystal water bottles are not only attractive and stylish but also incorporate a sealed vial filled with a blend of gemstones; this creates a safe, hygienic way to infuse your water with the crystal energy.

Because they are sealed safely away, the stones stay shiny and beautiful within the vial, so users do not have to worry about cleaning them or, even more concerning, the possibility of the gems polluting the water. The vial is believed to act as a natural prism, allowing the vibrational energy of the gems to permeate the water and change the water itself, so although the stones themselves do not come into contact with the water, users can still reap the benefits.

infused crystals in your water bottle power

Fans of crystal-infused water claim that not only does this bring physical and emotional health benefits but also results in a significant improvement in the taste and texture of the water, with the water often described as being softer and more palatable.

Is there any Scientific Evidence? and wellbeing with crystals infused in water

In a study by the German Institute Hagalis, Uberlingen, it was found that the quality of tap water improved in several ways by using a crystal-infused water bottle, these included:

1. Tap water became more alkaline and less acidic.

2. An increase in the Bioavailability of minerals.

3. A high biological balance

4. A general improvement of quality to a level only found in natural spring water

How do I use a Crystal Infused Water Bottle?

Just fill the bottle with water and leave for 7 – 10 minutes for the water to infuse. You can then drink the water whenever you feel thirsty. Users of Crystal-infused water bottles have reported an increase in their water consumption due to the improvement in the flavour and texture of the water so healing crystals in your drinking water must have a positive effect.

putting crystals in your drinking water bottle

Whatever the science behind crystal-infused water, it can be argued that anything that helps you consume your recommended water intake is a good thing, and by using a reusable water bottle you are also reducing your plastic waste and helping the environment, all with a stylish water bottle that also makes a beautiful accessory.