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Healing Crystal Gifts

Crystal Healing Gift Sets: The Perfect Healing Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Creative, magical, and beautiful, a healing crystal gift box is a brilliant way to pamper a loved one. Our gift sets come with delightful, well thought out themes, and each set provides a holistic treatment for body and soul.

Take a look at our innovative gift sets

Whether you are seeking luck and prosperity or a set of healing tools to aid you in your Reiki practice, you will be delighted by the selection of themed hampers available in our range of crystal healing gift sets. One crystal healing gift UK that we provide, for instance, is the rose trinket box, which features a harmonious ensemble of rose quartz, a heart stone, a deliciously scented vanilla candle, a rose candle, a rose cherbub trinket box and much much more.

Alternatively, if you are seeking a festive treat to give a loved one once the cold weather hits, our Winter Warmer set will be absolutely perfect. This gift set consists of warming bath salts, soothing and comforting cinnamon incense, a heart necklace, carnelian tumble stones, and other exciting treasures. In sum, we have gift sets to suit all tastes, from Native American gifts to lavender and amethyst themed peace gift hampers. Browse our selection of products and choose the one that best meets the needs of your loved one – and the demands of the gift giving occasion. It’s as simple as that.

Expertly put together, and presented in style

All of the items in each of our gift sets have been assembled together after thoughtful consideration of which products work best together. Lavender and amethyst are a brilliant combination, for instance, whilst cinnamon and carnelian in conjunction create a warmng glow. Each hamper has its own stylish colour scheme too. Take a look at the Buddha gift hamper, for example, which features a cool turqoise hue running throughout, complemented by clean whites, shiny silver and natural woods. The aventurine of the bracelet will aid meditation, as will the ‘luck’ burner oil which comes in a matching turquoise box. The Love Angel gift set and the Unicorn gift set are both simply perfect for lovers of all things pink, whilst the Magical Fairy hamper is a riot of colour. All of the gift sets are attractively presented in gorgeous hampers, and the colour of the tissue paper and other wrapping has been carefully chosen to work well with the colours of the products inside.

Explore our healing gift range today

Bring some love, peace and healing into a friend or family member’s life with these wonderful hampers. You can also buy a hamper for yourself, either to treat yourself or to use in professional healing or reiki sessions with your clients. Imaginative and imbued with power, there are delightful sets here to inspire people from all walks of life. We are constantly developing our range of gift sets and hampers, moreover, so make sure to keep checking back to find out which new products have been added to our site, and to get new healing crystal gift ideas.

Futher Healing Crystals Gifts & Gemstones

Healing crystal gifts are becoming very popular among many people, and crystal healing gifts have come up with very significant ideas where they supply set boxes of crystal healings.

It’s one of the best and largest online shopping website for crystals stonesets and gifts for gemstone lovers.

Healing crystal gifts are meant for all occasions with great ideas for all crystal lovers. Their crystal healing freeholds for all boxed healing gifts create designs with some spiritual alternatives to offer buyers with a wide range of varieties before giving someone a crystal.

The gifts are also wrapped very beautifully for crystal lovers, one of the healing crystal gift offered is the amethyst jewelry decadence gift hamper which is a remarkable gift for that special occasion. The set is believed to bring calm and peace, and it’s also used to dispel fear and anxiety. It also provides balance happiness and patience.

The Lapis and Jasmine gift hamper contains jasmine incense, lapis necklace, and a lapis bracelet. The love and passion gift hamper is also another lovely gift which consists of a passion bath, Rose oil, and a heart love stone which are wrapped very well.

The magical witchy cauldron hampers consist of 2 fridge magnets, one wizard incense cone, and one red jasper pendulum which are contained in white hamper sets.

The guardian angel hampers consist of a beautiful elegance angel, guardian angel incense and an angel necklace which are wrapped in a pink tissue.

Rose trinket gift hamper is also a superb idea especially if you don’t know what to get. It includes a rose cherub trinket box, quality rose quartz bracelet, and one pack rose quartz crystal.

The luck and prosperity gift hamper comes at an affordable price, and it contains one lemongrass candle tin, one small Buddha, one lemongrass burner oil and one green aventurine keyring all wrapped in a tissue.

The beautiful chakra/reiki gift hamper includes a chakra pendant, chakra nugget bracelet, and a reiki incense stick.

The peace and lavender gift hamper is a fabulous gift hamper for peace and calmness. The hamper consists of 1 full-size amethyst crystal tree, one amethyst bracelet, one small amethyst cluster and a lavender field candle which are enveloped in a lilac tissue.

The magical fairy gift hampers consists of a mini fairy door, bracelets with bells, a necklace and a pack of crackle quartz all packed in a tissue. The winter warmer gift assortment include a cinnamon incense, warming bath salt, frankincense and a heart necklace.

A Buddha gift selection comes with a silver Buddha figure, a luck burner oil, an incense of positive thoughts and a white Buddha keyring. Receiving crystals as a gift from a premier love angel gift selection is also very important for gemstone lovers.

The Native American gift selection consists of a teepee incense holder, a notebook, a marvel bracelet and an apache tear crystal. The carnelian stone sets increases motivation and fertility. It consists of a carnelian bracelet, palm stone, angel necklace and a bag of carnelian tumble stones.

A unicorn Christmas gift collection is a beautiful gift to open on a Christmas morning. It consists of a unicorn snow globe, unicorn necklace and a unicorn figure.

The love peace and harmony Christmas stone set is also a very beautiful gift that one can offer to someone during Christmas. It consists of Lavender oil, Lavender incense, amethyst bracelet and cluster and a little angel dish. Stone sets are very important gifts for gemstone lovers.

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