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Healing Crystals for Depression Full Step by Step Exposed

Top 3 Healing Crystals for Depression


Most people are affected by depression at one point in their lives. Whether brief or chronic, depression can be one of the toughest challenges in life. Healing crystals for depression are used to support you emotionally as you deal with depression. They act as tools for shifting the negativity and sadness within you to positive and healthier emotions.

Crystals  Healing for Depression 3 stones to look for 🙂

Healing crystals for depression

Healing crystals for depression.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is ideal when you are feeling overworked and fatigued by depression. It is among the best healing crystals for depression to hold and ground your energy. It channels negative energy down the chakras and into the ground leaving you with healthy and positive energy. It eliminates fear, lifts mood and makes tolerance and acceptance easier.


Lepidolite is a stunning purple stone that absorbs obsessive thoughts and opens the crown chakras, third eye, throat and heart. It contains lithium that soothes mood swings and negative emotions caused by bipolar disorders. It assists you in making good decisions confidently and intelligently. You stand by your opinion and speak the truth. Emotionally, it is a calming crystal that balances excessive energy and aids sleep.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a traditional golden brown healing crystal for depression that was used to fight off curses, ill-wishes and spells. It focuses on vibrational healing through combining the earth’s energy with the sun’s vibration to create the perfect healing level. It grounds your energy and lifts the body’s vibrations to trigger positive thinking. Tiger’s Eye protects your aura from absorbing negative energy around you. Therefore, you should wear it when you are around negative people or in a confrontational situation. Moreover, the crystal’s golden light boosts your feeling of self-love and worth which are the greatest missiles for fighting depression.

Bottom Line

Using healing crystals for depression is very easy. You can place them on your body, hold or wear them during meditation. You can also place your favourite healing crystal under the pillow. You wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and calm.

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