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Increasing Luck and Good Fortune With Jade.

this type of jade is nephrite

Jade is a crystal / stone of prosperity and luck that will draw money and good things in to your life, a perfect place to put this crystal is in your letterbox, two kinds of this beneficial stone are creamy nephrite jade this is the older type and the leafy green Jade which is carved in to many treasured pieces in china from as early as 2950bce, the newer translucent vivid green jade originated in Burma in the 13th century. As jadeite took over from nephrite in china it was it was worshiped for its life-extending and erotic properties. Jade brings tranquility and wisdom, promoting well being and friendships that welcomes people to your home, it is also a protector so will deter burglars and unsavory visitors from your home.

Crystal Energizing

To bring abundance & good fortune to your home, take hold of your Jade crystal and tune in to its lucky vibrations. Using reusable adhesive putty, stick the crystal to your letterbox inside the front door or if you have an outside mailbox, place it inside. Let this joyous stone protect you, and ask it to attract success and many opportunities.

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