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PETS – Crystal Healing For All Animals

Crystals are More Commonly Used on Animals these Days.

A healthy animal can benefit by drinking water that has had jade soaking in it. Remove the crystal before giving to your pet we don’t want them to eat it…

Amethyst water is said to deter fleas and other parasites.

Moss agate or brown agate placed underneath a pet bed will calm and sooth a hyperactive or nervous pet, especially pets that may of come from a rescue centre.

Infuse the pet with healing Earth energy

Earth stones like gold or brown rutile tend Quartz, brown banded agate or jasper will gently infuse the pet with healing Earth energy.

Chronically ill or very old animals

These crystals can be useful for chronically ill or very old animals or those pets that are recovering from an operation or intensive treatment.

Cats eye

Cats eye is good for all cat healing and Dalmatian jasper is excellent for dogs. Blue tigers eye benefits birds, while aquamarine or blue coral is good for fish.

Leopard skin jasper or Tigers eye

Are the best crystals for exotic animals, and also good for wild animals, especially those with the treat of extinction.
Turquoise has been used for hundreds of years for animal protection, against been stolen, straying off or even from accidents.

It can Be Used for Horses

by attaching to the bridal or mane, the collar of a dog or cat, the mirror of a birdcage the back of the cage of smaller animals.

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