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Achieve Your Ideal Weight By Albert Smith

Achieve Your Ideal Weight By Albert Smith


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How To … Achieve your Ideal Weight

You find that a majority of people that are over weight over eat between meals, or snack on an evening, this is not hunger it is more likely to be comfort eating, because they feel tense or anxious, and do not often realize. If there is many failed attempts at dieting, this can lead to increased tension and anxiousness. learning the physical art of relaxation, is easy to learn, with practice, this can easily be applied to enable you to stay in control of physical and emotional calm, in stressful situations and ease anxiety and tension that has been felt previously.

The Guided Relaxation and Self-Hypnosis techniques have been developed around the approach used by Albert Smith NACHP during over 20 years of private practice and have proved to be so successful that they have been used by many NHS and Private healthcare establishments as well as national companies and organisations throughout the UK.


By Albert Smith NACH

1 . No more Comfort Eating

 2. How to Think Calm & Stay Slim

 3. The Fight or Flight response

 4. Simply Relax

 5. Beware of unmanaged Stress

 6. Stress CAN be good for you!

 7. How to achieve Deep Relaxation

 8. Progressive Relaxation/Self-Hypnosis

 (including music from Music for Crystal Healing by Medwym Goodall)