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Angel Wings with Golden Triangle Crystal Set

Angel Wings with Golden Triangle Crystal Set


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Why three stones and a triangle?

Religion and history show that the number of triangles and three people have a special meaning.

In religion, for example, the Catholic Church: the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

In humans, the primary needs of life: sleeping, eating and drinking. The life stages of people: children, adults, old, or learning, working, retirement.

Writings such as the Bible often use this number. The triangle as a symbol is reflected in the pyramids. In art, as the basis of character theory, the triangular shape is used.What is the individual effect of the three stones?

AMETHYST at home: you can relax and quickly reduce pressure in the head. The autonomic nervous system is very

positively effected, you may come to rest. So good for stress and tension. There is peace and relaxation. In the bedroom it will ensure a good night’s sleep. The amethyst is a very good stone for headaches, even migraines.

CLEAR QUARTZ Cleanses the energy of the room. Has a very good cleansing effect on humans. The aura is cleansed.

Plants and animals benefit greatly from the crystal. The energy of the crystal is activating, is vital and effective against pain. Clear thoughts and good ideas get more space in your head.

ROSE QUARTZ Gentleness and love, pure emotions. Provides peace, love and comfort at home. Brings about a positive

emotional exchange among themselves. Peace in the middle creates harmony from within. With the rose quartz, you learn about yourself and the other account. With these stones you have less pain, better sleep, relaxation, balance and a peaceful life with strength and harmony. The miracle that this positive result may perform is called “the golden triangle”. It’s about three stones in a triangle to bring home the best energy flow – energetically powerful & harmonious.

3 good quality Crystals, cleansed and charged.