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Archangel Raphael Gift Box

Archangel Raphael Gift Box


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Anyone who loves healing Archangel Raphael, will love this gift.

It contains :-

30ml Angel Raphael aura spray

This spray contains a healing blend of gem essences and essential oils to fill you with the healing energies you need at this time. It comes with a channelled affirmation to focus your mind on healing yourself before you heal others.
Spray in your room, around yourself or to set intent on other items.
Spray created through channelling and meditation with Archangel Raphael, to encompass his energies in the spray.

Green Aventurine Bracelet linked to healing and the heart chakra.

100g Pack of Relaxing bath salts with Dried Rose

Small green Angel Charm/small Keyring

Scented Candle

1 Green aventurine crystal for your bath to infuse the water.

Coconut soap

Organic Pukka Green Tea

In a gift box with tissue perfect for gifting.