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Archangel Zadkiel Aura Spray Removing Blockages

Archangel Zadkiel Aura Spray Removing Blockages


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Archangel Zadkiel Aura Spray

Materials: Organic Perfumers Alcohol, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Cypress Essential Oil, Violet Leaf Essential Oil, Amethyst Gem Essence, Blue Lace Agate Gem Essence

This spray contains a renewing blend of gem essences and essential oils to remove energies that are blocking you from growing and moving forward.

It comes with a channelled affirmation to help add your intent to where you want to head now.
Spray in your room, around yourself or to set intent on other items.
This spray was created through meditation with Archangel Zadkiel, affiliating his energies.


Warning: May cause an allergic skin reaction. Please check ingredients