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Basilica Incense Resin

Basilica Incense Resin


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Basilica Incense Resin

Basilica has frankincense and a mixture of other essential oils, it is a complex blend, that was attempted to copy a recipe from the exodus book, it is a very distinctive fragrance. Basilica is one of the most expensive resins, but remains one of the most popular.

To burn you will need a suitable container (the charcoal get very hot) and either gravel or sand for the bottom, light the charcoal which is included in this pack and once it turns white like ask it is ready for the incense to be added. Please add this with tongs or a tea spoon, very minimal amount is required. **Mysticwish Top tip  to ensure an almost smokeless burn add some table-salt to the charcoal before the incense, this reduces smoke.**

If you would like a little bit of sand to put in the bottom of your burner, put it in the message box on check, this is free with any resin.

Included is:- 50g Basilica Incense Resin and 5 charcoal easy light discs.



For use with charcoal in a Burner.