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Blood Moon Crystal Collection In Angel Dish

Blood Moon Crystal Collection In Angel Dish


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I have put together this little collection, red crystals for a red moon and bloodstone for the blood moon. (They have been out for charging under the blood moon last night 26th May.)

Red Jade is a strong stone, bringing forward the energy of a warrior, It is know for dispelling worry and fear and any doubt that holds up back from what we want to do and instead encourages us to take action and go forward. It is said to bring physical strength, vitality, passion and stimulate life force energy.

Red Tigers Eye, helps you to get over feeling lethargic, gives energy and motivation, as well as been protective against curses, it encourages feelings of self worth. This is a beautiful red coloured stone, often known as red tiger-eye, it can act as a powerful protector and guardian that watches over your entrance. This will keep undesirable guests away. Often known for its luck properties, also left at your front entrance will entice luck to come in.

Blood stone is a treasured talisman for stimulating courage and wisdom. In the middle ages, it was associated with the crucifix of Jesus –legend has it that blood from his wounds fell on the grassy earth and turned in to blood stone. Associated with personal sacrifice, blood stone is said to ignite courage, especially if your motivation has selfless roots.

Contains 3 crystals in a an angel wing dish.