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Chakra Stone Chip Necklace

Chakra Stone Chip Necklace

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Chakra balancing Necklace. It is believed that by utilising 7 different colour crystals it can balance the body’s energy centres.

Ajustable Length.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Looking after all 7 chakra’s Crown -violet, Forehead -Indigo
    Throat -Blue, Heart -Green, solar plexus -yellow, Sacral -orange
    Base -Red this beautiful Bracelet with bring you back in to balance,
    as well as looking very stylish.

    Chakra jewellery is normally made up of 7 coloured stones to represent
    each chakra:-
    Quartz Crystal– which is a good for all round balance.
    Amethyst– Concerning the mind, concentration and absoring information.
    Sodalite– Release of feeling, communication and expression.
    Green Quartz– Partnerships, friendships.
    Citrine– Strength and power and self belief.
    Hermatite– stimulation of the mind, grounding and balance.
    Agate– Creativity and energy.