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Cleansing & Clearing Aura Spray

Cleansing & Clearing Aura Spray


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Handmade Aura Spray Cleansing & Clearing

Materials: Organic Perfumers Alcohol, Lavender Essential Oil, Sage Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Amethyst Gem Essence, Clear Quartz Gem Essence.

This spray contains a subtle blend of gem essences and essential oils allowing energies to be cleared and neutralised that are no longer for your highest good in a gentle but powerful way
It comes with a channelled affirmation to add to the intention of you wanting to start a fresh at this time.
Spray in your room, around yourself or to set intent on other items.
Each aspect of the spray is channelled from spirit guides, relevant to the spray so the energise are aligned


Warning: May cause an allergic skin reaction. Please check ingredients.