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Crystal Ball On A Wooden Stand 5cm

Crystal Ball On A Wooden Stand 5cm


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Measures 5cm across comes complete with wooden stand and a lovely red gift box.

How To Read A Crystal Ball

To begin with, try to picture your ball filled with rainbow colours.

Then try to imagine all the colours inside the ball merging into a white mist, and then clearing.

Your eyes and look in to the middle of the ball, you may instantly get a clear picture, if you don’t turn the ball gently with your hands, while still looking into the crystal and studying it.

Sometimes the images can be very clear, 3 dimensional and move within the crystal, the first time this happens it is very exciting.

When you feel comfy and confident, focus on the image you see clearly, speak the words out loud that come in to your mind and how it could relate to your life, does it give answers to any questions you may have? Have a pen and paper at the side of you scribble down what you see and think as you go.

If you cannot see anything at all in your crystal, it could be just that your physical & analytical senses are much slower than your psychic senses, don’t be disappointed, just stare intensely in to the crystal until your eyes want to close.

Shut your eyes slowly, the gradually open them, blink then look into the ball again, say aloud what you think, feel, sense and see. This will be invariably be accurate.