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Crystal Chip White Howlite Bracelet

Crystal Chip White Howlite Bracelet

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White Howlite, it is very good for stress and a good stone for frustration, especially if your feeling overwhelmed with a crowded shopping centre. A little technique to use is to hold the howlite to your heart and as you breath in imagine, peace and calm going in to you your heart and as you exhale blowing out all the negative stress and frustration on to the stone. (Make sure you cleanse after doing this) To wear this stone is said to act as a cushion to your aura, like a safety blanket from negative energy and people.
It has been used for sleep disorders for many years, like insomnia, simply place it under your pillow and say “thank you for helping me to relax and sleep sound”, it will clear your mind of the days stresses and so to aid restful sleep.

Elasticated-fits most

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