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Fly Me To The Moon Josephine Wall Greetings Card

Fly Me To The Moon Josephine Wall Greetings Card


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“Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars.” What a wonderful thought! Transported by her winged companion, the moth maiden is drawn towards the ethereal light of the moon. Her flowing robes of rainbow-colored wings fly out behind her as she is entranced by the awesome beauty of the lunar landscape. Though the moon is one tiny speck in the wonder of the universe, what a powerful influence once magical presence can be.

Greeting inside :May the year to come take you to the places of your dreams! Happy Birthday

They are sold with matching envelope.

The card, is printed on recycled paper, so much better for the envoiroment, measures approximately 138 X 181 mm.

Each card has a full colour print on the front as well as on the inside.