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Fossil Ammonite Pendants (Wealth / Happiness)

Fossil Ammonite Pendants (Wealth / Happiness)


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Ammonites thrived in the seas during the time of dinosaurs about 110 million years ago
A lot of Feng Shui Masters call Ammonite the seven colour prosperity stone because it is thought to stimulate the flow of go life force energy through the body. This is also a stone known to bring good wealth, health and happiness in to your home. If put in a business premises, it will promote beneficial and good business deals. Wearing ammonite will add charisma and beauty to its wearer.
Helpful also for depression, long life and overall well being.
A beautiful piece of history for you to own, cut and polished and a good size to keep in your pocket, or you could give it so someone who i starting a business or struggling in business.

comes on 18″ silver plated chain presented in a velvet gift bag.