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Gift set of 7 chakra relief aromatic tea-light candles

Gift set of 7 chakra relief aromatic tea-light candles

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Every candle has a chakra relief and a fire-proof clear candleholder.
Packed in transparent box with leaflet in English, German and Dutch.These are perfect for when meditation, and they are scented so that’s a bonus.

With 3% pure essential oils:

Muladhara – Chakra 1 (red) Fragrance: Cassia, Clove, Nutmeg
Swadhishthana – Chakra 2 (orange) Fragrance: Cedar, Spruce, Rosemary
Manipura – Chakra 3 (yellow) Fragrance: Bergamot, Lime, Grapefruit
Anahata – Chakra 4 (green/pink) Fragrance: Lavandin, Orange, Tangerine
Vishudda – Chakra 5 (blue) Fragrance: Moroccan Rose, Chamomile
Ajna – Chakra 6 (indigo) Fragrance: Lavender, Fir, Chamomile
Sahasrara – Chakra 7 (purple) Fragrance: Patchouli, Labdanum, Frankincense
Burning time: 5 – 6 hours.

These stearin (palm oil) candles were hand-made in Indonesia.

By using certified palm oil and durable packing materials, these tea lights are an environment-friendly