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Green Aventurine Crystal Scrunchie & Gift Bag Handmade

Green Aventurine Crystal Scrunchie & Gift Bag Handmade

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Green Aventurine Scrunchie Gift Set. -Unique to us MysticWish there is no other shop sells this product as far as we know.

1 x Handmade Light Green scrunchie, contains 4 Green Aventurine crystals inside perfect for keeping your crystals close to you but no one will know. Perfect for relaxing in the bath to put your hair up.

The scrunchie is made from satin fabric, simply because this is the kindest fabric to hair, does not cause pulling hair out or splitting the ends of your hair, will gently slide off your hair when you want to take it out.

Green Aventurine is said to be good to help balancing, blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, anti-inflammatory effect, help migraine, sinuses and also sooth. Known to entice Luck, Prosperity, Money and Abundance as well as a good fortune it is known for calming anger and irritation.

It also comes with a matching handmade satin gift bag.

A very unique and in our opinion beautiful gift to yourself or someone you love.

Please note:- Because these are handmade they vary slightly from one another.