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K2 Crystal pendant

K2 Crystal pendant


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K2 Crystal is a combination on Cream Granite wit deposits of Azurite, a perfect crystal to balance of heaven and earth.

Known for many properties including treatment of headache and migraine, caused by psychic blockages. The perfect choice for indigo children to help balance there high telepathic sense.

Azurite is a great stone for communication especially for those who have trouble with speech. It works well with the third eye and throat chakra.

Granite works more with the physical strength, a great stone for protection, often referred to as the *Guardian stone* and idea gift for children and those who have risky jobs like soldiers and police.

Helps to bring about emotional calm and helps to ground thoughts and energies to the earthly plane so they can manifest easier in our everyday lives.

This pendant is a single point and finished in 925 silver.

(we supply a 18″ silver plated chain with it)

PLEASE NOTE -Because these are handcrafted they are all unique and do differ in size and colour, but you wont be dissapointed!