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Kambala Jasper & Green Aventurinee Shamrock Bracelet

Kambala Jasper & Green Aventurinee Shamrock Bracelet

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Kambala jasper or Green Stromatolite Jasper as it is sometimes known, it the stone of Peace and tranquility, it is the most beautiful shade of green with random dark squiggles and circles. Said to sooth and ease troubled minds and restoring peace and balance once more.
Good to use while meditating, it will help you to let go of negative feelings and thoughts.
Linked to the heart chakra, it encourages you to have an open heart for both giving and receiving love. It is said to relive stress, it makes a great worry stone, hold it close for comfort, helpful for stopping nightmares, and therefore aid restful sleep. GREEN aventurine is know as the luck stone, brings wealth, health and prosperity to its keeper, as well as dissolves anger and brings Peace.