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Kyanite Natural Cut Crystal Necklace

Kyanite Natural Cut Crystal Necklace


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Blue kyanite is a courage crystal that can help you to fine your soul’s purpose.
This crystal is said to work along side archangel Michael with his sword of truth, that cuts away any unwanted spiritual or mental attitudes and is more powerful than king Arthurs sword excalibur. A calming and compassionate stone kyanite also amplifies and transmits energy to clear any emotional blockages from your energetic meridians or pathways and balancing your main energy centres your chakra’s. If your lacking in vitality after a demanding time at work meeting pressured deadlines or taking time out from an upsetting relationship, this crystal can boost your energy field and bring flow back in to balance.
The qualities of Kyanite :- Calms emotions, Balances Chakra’s, clears blockages, Dispels anger, Helps meditation, Stimulates spiritual energy and intuition, Promotes mental clarity.
Health benefits:- Relieves pain, calms fever, treats muscular pain, lowers blood pressure.
To revitalise energy.
Lay in a darkened room, pick up your kyanite feel it vibrating emissions and hold it to your heart chakra for about 10 to 15 minutes, feel the sone clearing out any emotional trauma and increasing your energy levels. Move it to the third eye chakra for a further 5 minutes to release any anger or worries and stimulate mental clarity and brain energy to deal effectively with life once more. healers believe this stone does not retain bad energy so there fore never needs cleansing.

The pendant measures 3-4cm  approx

Supplied on 18″ silver plater chain and presented in a gift bag.