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*Layla* GRADE A Malachite Heart

*Layla* GRADE A Malachite Heart


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Grade A Malachite Heart
Measures 70mm x 70mm approx weight 158g
Malachite Known to help protect against the evil eye, witchcraft and evil spirits, this stone is a powerful cleanser for the emotional body, releasing past-life or childhood trauma, but is best used but a qualified healer. Life is said to be lived more intensely when using or carrying malachite, it is a good energy supplier. It has the ability to show what is blocking your spiritual growth, drawing out any deep rooted feelings and psychosomatic causes, severing any unwanted ties, and teaching you how to cope with your feelings, thoughts & actions.
Malachite is a very good protection stone, it absorbs stale, negative and pollutants from the body and the environment.
Malachite can be used for scurrying or to access other levels of spiritualism. Journeying through malachites convoluted patterns assists in receiving insights from the subconscious mind or messages from the future.
Helpful for transformation, inhibitions, rebirthing, shyness, stress.
Insomnia, allergies, eyes, childbirth, cramps, menstrual cramp, female sex organs, travel sickness, vertigo, immune system and diabetes.
Associated to heart, solar plexus, base and sacral chakras. zodiac signs Scorpio & Capricorn.
Sourced in many countries, usa, France, Russia, Germany, Romania, Middle East, chile and Zambia to name a few.

Gets you spiritually in tune.