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Light Blue Obsidian Crystal Egg (Astral Travel / Psychic)

Light Blue Obsidian Crystal Egg (Astral Travel / Psychic)


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Light Blue Obsidian, linked to the throat chakra, can help with lines of communication, opening the aura and helping with astral travel. This crystal is a buddy to you it is helpful to improve your telepathic abilities, pendulum dowsing, tarot & angel card readings or any other kind of divination. It clears the way for you to see clearly and be able to read a situation better.
Physically blue obsidian is said to help with speech difficulties and mental problems like schizophrenia and other multiple personality disorders.
BLUE obsidian is linked to the birth sign Aquarius.
Blue obsidian will not work with any evil intent, it is a loving stone and creates that, and protection.

Price is for 1 egg on a ring stand