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Lovely Brecciated Jasper Teardrop pendant (Creativity)

Lovely Brecciated Jasper Teardrop pendant (Creativity)


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Lovely Brecciated Jasper Teardrop pendant, contains Hematite often know as *poppy jasper*. It is a good grounding stone, especially for people who are just feeling that they are over loaded. It can give help to your organisation skills, and giving a hand with creativity. Jasper encourages you to talk through issues.  🌺

Said to absorb negativity, promote a feeling of well being and also aid recovery from illness. Said to be helpful with allergies to animals. Linked to zodiac signs Aries and scorpio. Chakra’s Base and Sacrel. 🐶 🐱 🐭

comes on 18″ silver plated chain and presented in a gift bag. 🎁