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MD Amethyst Druzy with Calcite

MD Amethyst Druzy with Calcite


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Stunning Cluster, with a piece of calcite in the mix.

Amethyst is said to bring peace and calm, it’s said to dispel fear and anxiety and help with insomnia.Amethyst birthstone February also November, planet Saturn purple-lilac in colour and energies power protection and healing. provides balance, peace, happiness, calm and patience.

Calcite can be used in conjunction with all chakra’s, Improving energy flow throughout the body. Clears away from the body and restores with an amplified positive energy, if it is fear your feeling this is your crystal, brings back hope.

Brilliant crystal for manifestation, it is normally prepared and programmed for the purpose you need it for. Clears away stale energy and also blockages.

On a physical level it can be used for migraines, and eye problems and used with other crystals will intensify the healing of other crystals.

measurse 160mm x 80mm x55mm aprox