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ML Apache Tear Crystal Tumblestone (Grief/Emotional Healing)

ML Apache Tear Crystal Tumblestone (Grief/Emotional Healing)


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APACHE TEAR crystals were named after an incident in Arizona in the 1870’s, when the us cavalry attacked 75 pinal apache’s. The woman of the lost warriors wept for a whole month and the great spirit pressed their tears within the rock to form the crystals. Owning one will protect from sorrow, as the stone absorbs it, for the apache woman cried your tears as well, carry one of these if your finding it hard to forgive, yet knowing that bitterness is holding you back. Protects you from human snakes. Also place between your feet to slow you down. A good luck crystal a wonderful gift for someone just starting out in the world, helps you to be able to say no to unreasonable demands. In the workplace place a dish on your desk, wash weekly to remove any absorbed bad vibes, great for preventing business opportunities slipping away. A stone of psychic invisibility. when travelling at night, hold the crystal and breath in the darkness as you exhale your aura becomes hidden and lowers your profile.

Releases blocked or unresolved feelings when held, grief will pour in to the stone, which may get darker, wash it and hold it up to the light to see the way forward.

Zodiac sign Capricorn.

Med/Lg size stones, price is for 1 stone.

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