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Ohm Symbol Greetings Card.

Ohm Symbol Greetings Card.


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Ohm symbol greetings card

Of all the environmental benefits of waterless printing, the lack of a moisture component is the biggest. The CO2 emissions in waterless offset is 80% lower than the conventional version.

The cards are printed fully sustainable and the package is biodegradable. The cardboard and envelopes are provided with an FSC label.
Environment and printing:
Because of the lack of a working fluid in the press, there is no emissions to water, air or soil from water additives that come with conventional offset: fungicides, Isopropyl alcohol (carcinogenic), detergents, dry promoters, etc. 
Ink: resins and waxes of natural origin and solvent made ​​from soy oil.
Measures 14 x 14cm

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