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Orthoceras Pendant (Fatigue/Success)

Orthoceras Pendant (Fatigue/Success)


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Orthoceras and the remains of an extinct marine animal that has been fossilised.
Fossils are believed to prolong life, reduce stress & Anxiety reduce toxins, balance emotions and add confidence.
Found in the high atlas mountains in morocco and around 400 million years old, these orthoceras are fossilised in black limestone and had a bullet shaped shell.
This is an item that a lot of business people use, to promote success. Often used by healers as it is said to hold physical healing powers, fossils are known to stimulate the mind and enhance telepathy.
On a physical level fossils are used to help with fatigue, tiredness rheumatism and and digestive disorders.
Give one as a gift, to someone starting a business.

Comes on 18″ silver plated chain and presented in a gift bag.