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Overcome Fears Phobias And Panic Attacks

Overcome Fears Phobias And Panic Attacks


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This CD deals with phobia’s, fears and panic attacks, in short it is an over reaction to none threatening situation. The self help recording will help you to remain calm, both mentally and physically, in all situations you once dreaded.

By Albert Smith NACHP

Track listing & times:

1. Fear – a learned behaviour!    6:23
2. The physical and mental effects of stress    4:51
3. The fight or flight response    3:38
4. Simply Relax    5:06
5. Beware of unmanaged stress    4:36
6. Stress CAN be good for you    4:52
7. How to achieve deep relaxation    3:59
8. Progressive Relaxation/Self-Hypnosis    14:14
Music from “Music for Crystal Healing” by Medwyn Goodall