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Pyrite Large Cluster -Fools Gold (Aura Protection)

Pyrite Large Cluster -Fools Gold (Aura Protection)

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Pyrite also known as fools gold comes from the Greek for “Firestone” because it was believed that pyrite, a sparking stone, held fire in its core. An excellent energy shield, pyrite blocks out negative energy and pollutants at all levels, preventing energy leaks from the physical body and aura, protecting ¬†subtle and physical bodies, and deflecting harm. It creates a positive outlook. This stone sees behind the facade to what is. Helpful for men who feel inferior, it strengthens confidence in masculinity, but maybe to powerful for “macho” men, initiating aggression. Pyrite is very fast acting and is particularly helpful for getting to the root of karmic and psychosomatic disease.
Cubed pyrite expands and structures mental capabilities, balancing instinct with intuition, creativity and analysis.
Linked to the planet Mars the zodiac sign Leo it is sourced mainly in USA chile Peru and the uk.
Helpful for respiratory system lungs, asthma, bronchitis and oxygenates the blood. Helps energy  and fatigue. Digestive tract, ingested toxins and circulation.
Measures between 45mm -60mm
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