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Rainbow Moonstone Egg (Emotional Healing)

Rainbow Moonstone Egg (Emotional Healing)


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Rainbow Moonstone Egg

Measures 55-60mm

Rainbow moonstone also known as white labradorite offers an intensive colour spectrum in certain lights. Put under your pillow where it catches the moons Rays to aid lucid dreaming and calm sleep, and find your dream lover.

Rainbow moonstone is gentle and will offer ongoing strength against illness. A supportive stone for those who consider harming themselves. It may also improve learning difficulties in young children and protect homes in remote areas.

You may notice that your moonstone becomes brighter or duller in response to your mood and energy levels, use in moon magic.

Emotional healing:- combine gentle lunar energies with optimism of the rainbow, reassures all who feel alone, lost or vulnerable, assist with all emotional healing.
Connected to zodiac sign of cancer.
Empowerment:- I will collect happy moments.
Price is for 1 egg picture is for display only.