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Reflexology Healing CD

Reflexology Healing CD

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This album has been specifically put together as an aid to Reflexology sessions. Relaxing and soothing, it will compliment the session and add an extra dimension to the treatment. With hand picked tracks taken from existing albums in our catalogue that compliment eachother and flow effortlessly from the start, it’s designed to take you through the treatment, leaving you/your client feeling calm & relaxed throughout. Of course, you needn’t just use this album for Reflexology, it’s a beautiful album and can be used for most therapies or just plain and simple relaxation.

Track Listing

1. Relax
2. Let Thought In
3. Healing Hands
4. Sleep
5. Lotus Morning
6. Inner Healing
7. Angel’s Smile pt 1
8. Angel’s Smile pt 2
9. Angel’s Smile pt 4
10.Angel’s Smile pt 5
11.Ice Caverns

Approx Running time: 59:17