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RN12 Rhodonite Wand/Point (Healing/Blocked Energy)

RN12 Rhodonite Wand/Point (Healing/Blocked Energy)


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Rhodonite is known for its ability to bring healing and release blocked energy to blocked chakra’s, especially the heart chakra. And so to helping with relationship issues. Known to bring in to force, forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love towards others, bring harmony back to relationships.
Rhodonite is a perfect stone for bringing balance back to emotions after troubled times, it is very calming. Keeping the rhodonite, on your body or in your pocket, is said to help you taking drastic action when your angry, panicky or frightened when traumatic events happen.
Some people like to hold this stone during meditation, to help discover, what’s ahead for you. It is said it can also bring to the surface hidden talents.

Measures approx 85mm