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Small Happiness Angel Dish

Small Happiness Angel Dish


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Set of healing crystals for Happiness.

Rose quartz if well known for it power and energy for attracting love, and keeping hold of it. It also has a calming effect and dispels negativity, in turn producing happiness.

Amethyst birthstone February also November, planet saturn purple-lilac in colour and energies power protection and healing. provides balance, peace, happiness, calm and patience.

Soothe your emotions by keeping an amazonite tumble stone on or near you. Amazonite Helps with emotional turmoil, gets rid of negative thoughts and emotions and create happy thoughts.

To cleanse and clean your crystals, which should be done regular to wash away negativity they have absorbed, run under cold running water for a few minutes, and to refresh and re-charge them leave on your windowsill when the moon is full.

Place these beautiful stones in the little dish or keep in your bag or pocket.

The 3 stones in the set, placed in an organza gift bag to keep them safe and then the little angel wing dish.