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Sodalite Teardrop Pendant (Panic Attack/ Weight Loss)

Sodalite Teardrop Pendant (Panic Attack/ Weight Loss)


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Sodalite Teardrop Necklace on 18″ Chain

Sodalite Healing necklace, brings inner peace, promotes peace and harmony and is lucky for writers. It is believed it calms panic attacks, boost the immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduce fevers and sooth sore throats.

This Beautiful Blue Stone is Associated with the Third Eye and Throat Chakra Sagittarius of the Zodiac Moon of the planets. Keep in your pockets for Peace all around you. Sodalite is said to be a very popular choice among sports people, as it stimulates endurance. Sodalite good to be worn as a necklace as it is associated to the thyroid, wear it if you want help when loosing weight!