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Spinal In Matrix Palm Stone (Love/Protection)

Spinal In Matrix Palm Stone (Love/Protection)


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This spinal in matrix crystal Palm stone is full of red pink and brown spinal surrounded by grey/black matrix in which the spinal has grown. Spinal is very often mistaken for pink sapphire or ruby.
Spinal is a calming stone, helping though difficult patches in your life, like moving home are parting from a marriage, lowering anxiety and stress and on a physical level reducing swelling & inflammation. Spinal is linked to the root chakra which offers energy renewal, useful for illness and fatigue, and self healing stone.
A super stone for long distance relationships, can be used as a talisman to carry the love of the person that gave it to you, often know as the fairy godmother stone. It is a good gift to give to children, giving them your love and protection through the crystal.

Measure 60mm approx

Please Note:- The colour and markings does vary, the picture is for reference only.