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Stop Smoking Start Living By Albert Smith

Stop Smoking Start Living By Albert Smith


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Stop Smoking & Start Living

Believe you can become a non smoker NOW! If you do really want to stop smoking for the last time, you can, without the need for gum patches or pills,or any other form of medication. Albert Smith was once himself a 60 a day smoker she explains how you can beat the habit easily and quickly regarless of how long you have smoked or how many. The suggestion and techniques within this recording can be used effectively to reduce the tension and anxiety of many day to day situations and therefore reduce the effects of withdrawal symptoms.

The Guided Relaxation and Self-Hypnosis techniques have been developed around the approach used by Albert Smith NACHP during over 20 years of private practice and have proved to be so successful that they have been used by many NHS and Private healthcare establishments as well as national companies and organisations throughout the UK.


   1. Smoking  A sign of Stress, not a cure!

   2. The Physical and Mental effects of Stress

  3. The Fight or Flight response

  4. Simply Relax

  5. Beware of unmanaged Stress

  6. Stress CAN be good for you

  7. How to achieve deep relaxation

  8. Progressive Relaxation/Self-Hypnosis

By Albert Smith NACH