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Strawberry & Rose Quartz Heart Earrings

Strawberry & Rose Quartz Heart Earrings


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Strawberry quartz is said to have all the properties of clear quartz as well as universal love, understanding and grabbing opportunities. Strawberry quartz can be very calming especially for those who work in a stressful job, carry it in your bag or pocket. Strawberry quartz has the ability to amplify love intention, generosity  and gratitude, and radiate those intentions outwards. Some people wear strawberry quartz to attract a soul mate. Strawberry quartz is known to bring balance to the psyche the emotions and subtle energy bodies. It can be an important spiritual tool and great for meditation.

High Grade Rose quartz Hearts!
Rose Quartz -are you looking for Love? Rose quartz if well known for it power and energy for attracting love, and keeping hold of it. It also has a calming effect and dispels negativity.
Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink stone, associated with the Heart chakra,
Taurus and libra zodiac signs, and the planet Venus.
The elements are water and earth.

With heart charm