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Sunstone Sphere (Happiness & Joy)

Sunstone Sphere (Happiness & Joy)


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Comes in a peachy orange colour, it is believed it contains energy from the sun, hence the name “sun stone” thought to bring illumination to a dark mood, helping depression and helping with the seasonal disorder of “sad”. It can also help with fatigue and tiredness giving you a boost of energy, when working with the stone or when kept in your pocket. Also if you feel that other people are draining you of energy, if you’re with people that are stressed out or low on energy themselves, keep a piece close.

Happiness, optimism and enthusiasm are just some of the keywords connected to this stone, for example if you have a large workload that you feel is weighing you down sunstone will help to give you that little bit of energy and spark you need to achieve.

Set the stone with intention of what you need help with by holding it in closed hands and thanking the stone for bring to you what you want. When you have a quiet moment at home place the stone on your solar plexus chakra to help lift a low mood and depression.

Measures 65cmm aprox