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Tigerseye & Garnet Crystal Double Point Pendant

Tigerseye & Garnet Crystal Double Point Pendant


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Lovely combination or Tigerseye and Garnet double point pendant.

Supplied on 18″ silver plated chain

Tigers-eye for metal clarity, dismissing fear and anxiety, stabilising mood swings healing of the mind, courage and protection. Balancing ying and yang.

Red crystals increase power determination, physical energy and health. It denotes courage, sexual passion and potency and positive change. Red instantly boosts energy levels and it will kick start a sluggish immune system. It is good for the reproductive organs in both men and woman. It increases fertility and helps menstrual problems, sexual dysfunction, blood and the circulation.
Use garnet for protection, looks after your possessions.
Focus on garnet to attain what you feel passionately about, a job or a creative venture. Wear one as a psychic shield in crowded places or when you are vulnerable.
Great to leave around pets when you have to leave them home alone for a while.
Garnet is linked to the root chakra and is one of the best crystals for reawakening your survival instinct, and known to help fight and keep at bay winter virus’s.
Re-charge on a moonless or cloudy night.