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Time Temptress Relaxation CD

Time Temptress Relaxation CD


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Why not take a look at our oil burners to go with you Music CD, put some relaxing lavender oil in it, for pure bliss! We all need a bit of me time and there is no better way than this.



Time Temptress is visionary, with lively performance and gentle and reflective moments. Llewellyn uses a kaleidoscope of instrumentation, multi- layering the sounds of acoustic guitars, piano, voices, strings, didgeridoo, rain sticks and drums to paint her entrancing beauty.

* Time Temptress

* Tang Dynasty

* The Ancients

* Time Waits For No Man

* Travelling

* The Teacher

* True Spirit

* To Armageddon

A lovely way to relax in your own home, take a look at the other CD’s we have in this section.

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