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To Dream Of Pegasus CD By Llewellyn

To Dream Of Pegasus CD By Llewellyn


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Llewellyn takes us on another magical journey, the unforgettable dream scape of a young woman in her search for Pegasus, the mythical horse with wings. She is drawn to a moment of unearthly beauty, she dreams of flying with Pegasus above the clouds, her ambition will be fulfilled.

Track Listing
1. To Dream of Pegasus
2. Pegasus Trail
3. Hide and Seek
4. Calling You
5. In a Secret Place
6. Back on the Trail
7. Pegasus and the Maiden
8 Fly Away Now (featuring the voice of Juliana)
Running Time: 51 minutes

Following a vivid dream, Llewellyn wove soft piano, flute, harp and string-sounds with those of Nature, to produce this magical album. Calming in its softness and uplifting in its joy, he worked through the night using purple healing-plates to guide his inspiration.

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