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TT1 Titanium Aura Amethyst

TT1 Titanium Aura Amethyst


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Titanium Aura or Rainbow Aura is bonded with different metals inc titanium for its multi coloured look.

A lot of people use this stone for astral travel, and out of body experiences.It has got high energy which is helpful if you are trying to remove blockages. Can be use for stimulating all the chakras, but particularly the third eye, when wanting to help with clairvoyance or other psychic exercise.

Amethyst is said to bring peace and calm, it’s said to dispel fear and anxiety and help with insomnia.Amethyst birthstone February also November, planet Saturn purple-lilac in colour and energies power protection and healing. provides balance, peace, happiness, calm and patience.

Measures 60mm x 60mm aprox weight 155g