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What The Heart Decides (Blank)

What The Heart Decides (Blank)


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What the heart decides and what it decides is all that really matters (Paulo Coelho) (Blank inside)
The cards are printed fully sustainable and the package is biodegradable. The cardboard and envelopes are provided with an FSC label.
Environment and printing:
Because of the lack of a working fluid in the press, there is no emissions to water, air or soil from water additives that come with conventional offset: fungicides, Isopropyl alcohol (carcinogenic), detergents, dry promoters, etc. 
Ink: resins and waxes of natural origin and solvent made ​​from soy oil.

Of all the environmental benefits of waterless printing, the lack of a moisture component is the biggest. The CO2 emissions in waterless offset is 80% lower than the conventional version.